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We are SO excited we can finally announce that we have purchased our NoWorries Animal Sanctuary just outside Austin, TX! Now we need your help to get us up and running! Go to the Animal Sanctuary tab for more information and pictures.


Introducing, NoW Cafe (NoW(orries) get it?)

Brining you unique menu items inspired by the animals we are saving. Proceeds from our cafe will benefit the NoWorriesMovement and help us continue to save animal lives and open our animal sanctuary!

Come visit us in Mission Beach, San Diego and be part of something great and know that your support is helping to end animal cruelty.

Eat Good. Do Good. NoW.


Our Mission

 To improve animal welfare and eliminate animal cruelty across the world. To raise awareness on the cruel and inhumane practices done to animals by partnering with influential, reputable nonprofit organizations that align with this same belief and embarking on our own rescue efforts.

Vision of Cohabitation

 We are founded on the belief that we as humans could, and should, expand the circle of compassion and be able to cohabitate this planet with our animals. We believe that animals are here WITH us and not FOR us. It is our goal to create a No Worries future for ourselves and for our animals. 

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New products are coming soon!

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