The Charities that inspire us

Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation


Fighting the Dog Meat Trade

Marc Ching is the founder of Animal Hope and Wellness. Ching goes undercover to slaughterhouses all over Asia and secretly videotapes the torture of innocent dogs for the dog meat trade. Due to a misguided belief that meat has better health benefits with high doses of adrenaline, these dogs are tortured beyond belief. They are caged so close together they cannot move.

Their paws are cut off while they are still alive. Sometimes they are boiled and skinned alive. By raising awareness, Ching and the AHWF (Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation) aim to expose to the world this unimaginable anguish and suffering these dogs endure in hopes that the government will create laws to protect these animals from this unfounded, barbaric and cruel ‘tradition.’

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Marc rescuing a dog destined for slaughter.

The Dolphin Project


Stop The Exploitation and Slaughtering Of Dolphins 

Dolphin Project is a non-profit charitable organization, dedicated to the welfare and protection of dolphins worldwide. Founded by Richard (Ric) O’Barry on Earth Day, April 22, 1970, the organization aims to educate the public about captivity and, where feasible, free captive dolphins.

The mission of the Dolphin Project is to end dolphin exploitation and slaughter. Dolphins are routinely captured, harassed and sold into captivity around the world – all in the name of profit. The ones not worthy for trade, are slaughtered. Dolphin Project works not only to halt these slaughters but also to rehabilitate captive dolphins, investigate and advocate for economic alternatives to dolphin slaughter exploitation and to put a permanent end to dolphin captivity.

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The Cove runs red with dolphin blood from the annual slaughters in Taiji, Japan

Mercy For Animals


Give ALL Animals A Fighting Chance

Mercy For Animals is dedicated to protecting farmed animals; the most abused and exploited animals on the planet. They utilize a broad range of strategic approaches that seek to expose cruelty, prosecute abusers, and inspire consumers to make compassionate food choices for themselves and our environment. Animal agriculture has another dark secret; they are destroying our environment. It is the most notorious polluters of air, water, and soil and greatest contributor to deforestation, desertification, and species extinction. 51% of the world’s greenhouse gas problems are due to animal agriculture.

Livestock alone are found to be responsible for over 18% of greenhouse gas emissions- more than all forms of transportation, combined (United Nations FAO report). 

Learn what you can do to help and get great resources on making more compassionate food choices. Visit their Facebook, instagram, or website at


They all want to live.