Founders of The Movement

Lindsi DeMik


Lindsi grew up in the Arizona desert. There she attended college and  worked as both a strength and conditioning coach and also in corporate wellness as a program manager. Health and  fitness are a big part of her life. She is an avid runner who likes  running half marathons for fun. She values her friends and family and is  grateful to have such amazing people in her life. Lindsi is also  passionate about animals. Ever since she was a young child, she has had an  intense compassion towards all living things (she would go through hell  and high water to save a gecko or spider that was found in the house).  This passion grew stronger as she became older and after rescuing  multiple dogs and donating time and money to shelters, she decided she  wanted to do something on a larger scale, and the No Worries Movement  was born.

Monica Berki


Monica grew up in California where she attended college and received her  degree in Psychology. Monica has an entrepreneur spirit and drive. She  has invested in and owned 4 successful companies, all at the age of 25.  Monica loves to ski the black diamond runs in the winter and surf in the  ocean in the summer. She values her family and close friends and would  do anything for the people she loves. Being the business savvy woman she  is, she is a driving force and crucial part of the No Worries Movement.

Why No Worries Movement?

We  started this movement because we believe in the power of knowledge and  once we decided to stop pretending bad things don't happen and started  to educate ourselves on animal cruelty, it was an easy decision to pursue this company and  our cause. Many people may be aware that animals are treated inhumanely  on various platforms (food industry, entertainment industry, breeding  industry, etc.) but have not truly seen what goes on behind closed  doors. We believe if more people were willing to see the truth and  accept it, more change can happen. Knowledge is power. When it comes to  animal welfare, we have been conditioned our entire lives, mainly from the billion dollar meat and dairy industries, to believe  that some things are normal and acceptable because 'that's just how it's  always been.' The truth is, it doesn't have to be this way. Have you ever thought about things such as, "where  does my food come from?" "where do the animals we enjoy at zoos and  parks come from?" like, really thought about it? We have, and that’s why  the No Worries Movement is here. Animals are here WITH us and NOT for us.

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